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Chiropractic Care

Doctor adjusting womanThe word “chiropractic” comes from the Greek words cheir (hand) and praxis (action) and means “done by hand.” Instead of prescribing drugs or performing surgeries, chiropractors use manual adjustments of the spine and joints, along with therapies and lifestyle changes, to allow the body’s natural state of health to fully express itself. Here are some of the techniques you may come across at a chiropractic office.

What Is Wellness Chiropractic?

More often than not, when we tell someone that we are a chiropractic office, they immediately associate our vocation with neck or back pain. What many do not realize, however, is that chiropractic is a health care modality that provides significantly more than just a solution for pain.

Chiropractic is a lifestyle that involves all aspects of wellness, including exercise, nutrition, personal development, and stress relief. We have been fortunate to work with people from all walks of life (including newborns, children, and adolescents), and the outcome has been miraculous.

Our Techniques

Dr. Richard Poon has training in Active Release Technique (ART) and also offers the people of Edmonton additional chiropractic services including:

The Graston Technique is a non-invasive technique that uses special stainless steel instruments to find scar tissue and fascial restrictions that need to be worked on. Anyone can benefit from this technique when dealing with conditions such as Achilles tendinosis/itis, carpal tunnel, cervical strain/sprain, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, knee pain, plantar fasciitis (foot pain), rotator cuff tendinosis/itis, scar tissue, shin splints, and trigger fingers.

Diversified Chiropractic Technique is a popular and effective technique for adjusting and aligning people’s spines. Often you will hear a “crack” sound with this type of adjusting.

If the “cracking” sound of traditional manual adjustments bothers a patient, then there are a few gentler options that we offer. Through Activator Method and an Arthrostim® adjusting tool, the adjustments can be made with no noise. The Activator Method is used to address spinal problems through an instrument-assisted adjusting technique. The Arthrostim® adjusting tool is a unique tool that produces rapid thrust and recoil at a rate of twelve times per second that helps release trigger points that cause muscle spasms.

Ultrasound therapy is used to speed up the healing process by increasing the blood flow to the area that’s being addressed. It also can relieve pain for patients by reducing swelling and edema. Our ultrasound therapy is also used as a gentle massage to loosen up the treated area for a variety of conditions.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation & Interferential Current

Some of the benefits of these therapies, including helping with pain relief, decrease swelling/inflammation, and reduce muscle spasm.

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