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Massage Therapy

If you think of massage as a posh spa treatment it’s so much more. While massage can promote relaxation it also can address injuries and allow people to maintain optimal mental and physical wellness.

Woman getting back massageWho Can Benefit?

We believe that people of all ages can benefit from massage therapy. Whether you’re young, old, sick, or injured you can experience the therapeutic benefits of massage.

Our Techniques

MJ, our massage therapist, has over a decade of experience and offers the following:

  • Cupping
  • Deep Tissue
  • Relaxation

Before your appointment we will have you fill out a form indicating what your health concerns are and if you have a history of pregnancy or blood clots. We also will ask you to sign a COVID waiver and a direct billing form.

Please visit our website, you can download intake forms and prefill out and bring it in your first appointment.


Before your appointment, MJ will have asked our chiropractor what’s wrong and then will perform an assessment. She will look at your gait and check to see if your shoulders are rolled forward or if you have forward head posture.

When MJ begins your session she will start slowly with motion-specific release (MSR). She understands that some patients are nervous so MJ always will seek to put them at ease. If you have a particular issue such as shoulder pain MJ provides care that’s specifically targeted to that area.

Yes! Massage and chiropractic work well together to help people get better.

For example, if you experienced a motor vehicle accident both massage and chiropractic can help improve your range of motion and get rid of pain.

Our chiropractors are highly experienced and will provide customized care that can address your pain or injuries. With regular care, we believe you can experience overall wellness.

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